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Mr. Craig Murphy

Mr Craig Murphy

MBBS FRACS General Surgeon / Surgical Oncologist / Breast Surgeon


  • Craig Murphy – Surgeon, completed his training in 1992 at The University Of Melbourne and received his Australian Fellowship with the College of Surgeons in General Surgery. He then moved to the UK where he spent a further 3 years in sub specialty Fellowships, the first being at Colchester District hospital, in Colchester, UK with Professor Roger Motson, who facilitated Laparoscopic surgery in the UK and is a well-known internationally established Colorectal surgeon. This Fellowship aided in the development of his skills in the area of Emergency General Surgery, Advanced Colorectal surgery and Advanced Laparoscopic surgery.

Post Graduate Education

  • Mr Murphy undertook a further 2 year Fellowship at the National Breast Screening Centre in Nottingham, UK at the Nottingham Breast Unit with Professor Roger Blamey. During this time, Sub specialist areas in Breast Cancer treatment were developed, particularly in the management of Risk Stratification for breast cancer and the Molecular Genetics. Upon his return to Melbourne, he established practice in 1996 by appointment at Royal Melbourne Hospital and Royal Women’s hospital where he provided both Elective and Emergency surgical services in all areas of General Surgery and Specialist Breast Cancer surgical treatments. Mr Murphy is now established in his Private practice at Epworth Freemasons Medical Centre and provides regular services to the Epworth Freemasons Breast Clinics and Breast Screen Victoria as well as being on-call for the Epworth Richmond Emergency Department.

Specialising Areas

  • Mr Murphy provides services in speciality surgeries and general surgeries that include breast cancer surgeries and breast biopsies, hernia surgery, gastro-intestinal surgery including laparoscopic cholecystectomy and colorectal surgery including both upper and lower endoscopies in the form of Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy. He also performs Endocrine surgery, such as thyroid surgeries including Thyroidectomy and also Parathyroid surgery for treatment of hyperparathyroidism. See full list of surgeries here His special interest, however, is to provide expert Specialist care in the management of Breast cancer. From initial diagnosis, surgery, to follow up treatment and management plans. This also includes routine screening for individuals with a high risk family history. This is in both the private and public environment with a multidisciplinary team that includes Breast Care nurses, Medical and Radiation Oncologists, Radiologist, Geneticists, Plastic Surgeons, Physiotherapists and ancillary Psychotherapy services. Mr Murphy is extensively involved in the research, trials and auditing of Breast Cancer and in his former role as Vice President of Breast Surgeons ANZ, strived and facilitated standards to maintain and further develop the present high standards of breast disease treatment by breast surgeons throughout Australia and New Zealand, by way of the implementation of strategic audits and training programmes.