For your appointment, please remember the following:

  • Referral from your GP (Valid for 12 months) or Specialist (Valid for 3 months)
  • Your Medicare Card/ Health Insurance information
  • Copies of any reports and X-Ray, Ct, MRI, Ultrasound or Mammogram films you may have
  • For all returning patients, please ensure your GP referral is current.  Please contact our rooms if in doubt.
  • If your bank account details are registered with Medicare, we can conveniently claim your rebate online and funds are directly deposited into your nominated bank account by Medicare, usually within 24-48 hours.
  • For information regarding consultation fees please contact our rooms.
  • You can request an appointment Online using the ‘Online Appointment Request’ and we will contact you with a time.
  • Once you have made your appointment, please complete the ‘Online Patient Registration’ form.(New Patients and Returning patients that haven’t been to our rooms within 2 years).
  • You may also print a hard copy and complete prior to your consultation.